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Turn-To Support — Turn-To Resume

In addition to letting you upload your standard resume files, Turn-To enables you to create custom, online, in-site ones as well. Having problems understanding the online resume system? We’ve got you covered.

Do I need to pay for creating a Turn-To resume?

Creating online resumes at Turn-To is free of cost. To create one, go to your profile’s dashboard and then head to the My Resumes section.

Can I create more than one resume?

Of course. Turn-To encourages you to create a resume for every one of your work fields. For example, you should create a separate resume for your graphic designing career, and a separate one for your real-estate business.

Is an online resume compulsory to apply for a job?

No. You can also use your standard resume document to apply for a job. While applying, you’d have the option to upload your resume files or select one of your online Turn-To resumes for the application.

Can I select both, my online resume and an offline one, in a single job application?

Yes. You can use both types of resumes in a single job application. You can’t, however, use multiple online resumes in a single application.

I can’t find an answer to the question I have, what do I do?

Our support team is always there for you when you need professional help. Feel free to contact us with your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.