Trying To Find a Job During a Pandemic or Recession? Here’s How To Do it

The pandemic has hit us hard and strong. In addition to taking the lives of thousands and thousands of people around the globe, it has brought the economy of many countries to its knees. In the first phase of the job loss due to coronavirus, 20% of the American population became the victim. These 20% mostly included blue-collar workers with minimum wages. However, as we suffer further, white-collar workers are the next in line to lose their jobs. 


If you’re one of those who lost their jobs or are on the verge of losing it,  you’ve to make some amends to the approach you take towards your career. Work from home and freelance jobs are at a rise — and they’re going to be the norm in the near future. 


Circumstances like these require you to be flexible and dynamic. You have to rethink your career and take up an entirely new career approach to make money from home. In the meantime, here’s how you can start to rebuild your career to look for ways to make money from home.


  • Consider thinking short-term:

This is not a piece of advice that we’d often give out. But given the current circumstances, you might have to start thinking a bit more about the near future, rather than focusing on the long-term career. We get it — career is a marathon, not a sprint. But what you’d do in the next 30, 60, or even 90 days solely depends on your financial conditions. If you’re stable enough to skip out on any short-term money-making sprints and keep focusing on building your long-term career, do it. However, if you believe you’re not stable enough to make both ends meet while the pandemic is around, consider short-term. Acquire some quick skills which would help you get your hands on some quick ways to make money from home online. Doing freelance jobs and providing your services on a freelance platform is one of the better ways to go about it. 


  • Update your online profiles:

Many industries like health and logistics, and the firms which provide tools for remote work capabilities, are still hiring. If you are interested in getting hired in these industries, it’s time for you to update your online profiles, i.e., your LinkedIn profile, your Fiverr profile, and your Turn-To profile. As face-to-face interviews and hiring procedures are not possible in these trying times, companies look for their potential employees on different hiring websites. Update all your work profiles according to the need of the hour.


  • Think beyond full-time:

Full-time in-office jobs are still the most popular most widely spread sources of income on the planet. But given the current state of the globe, you’d need to adapt. It’s important to keep your professional skills fresh and healthy — and what’s the best way to do that? Freelance jobs. Providing your professional services from home, while sitting at your couch, isn’t something that everybody has gotten used to — but it’s a bliss when you get the hang of it. You have to be your boss and push yourself, but it eventually pays off. Remote work and freelance jobs are two of the best ways to make money from home, without having to step in the pit of the dangerous atmosphere outside.