The Pandemic is Promoting Trends That Are Blasting Us Into The Future

If you have been living under a rock for the last 6 months and aren’t aware; coronavirus pandemic has been negatively affecting the lives of millions around the globe. It has been bashing the masses with its fatal health effects, as well as with its huge negative impact on the global business flow. 


But that doesn’t mean the world has seen no positive effect with the advent of coronavirus. Read up, by no means we’re saying that coronavirus is essentially a “good” thing, but it has been promoting certain modern trends that would have taken years and years to develop if coronavirus wasn’t around. 


To begin with, coronavirus has promoted remote work jobs and other work from home strategies by a good bit. These working strategies have attained new levels of popularity that would not have been possible without this crisis constantly hitting us with its heavy hammer. But you may ask, why should you care if remote work is being promoted and accepted throughout the globe? The answer is simple: Efficiency.

Several pieces of research have proved that remote workers are more efficient than in-office workers, by a respectable margin. Moreover, remote workers stay happier in both, short-term and long-term — resulting in better output for themselves and for their employers as well.  


The rise of “Touchless Technology”:

Last week, Clear, a biometric identification firm, was launched into an entirely new digital space called Touchless Technology. This technology is built around the fear that coronavirus could be scattered anywhere on any surface. It promotes the use of hands-free navigation whenever people start using airports for flying again. 

To achieve that, Clear will upload the Covid-19 test results of its clients, their IDs, credit cards, air tickets, and health quiz. Moreover, face and iris scanning technologies will enable them to pass through the phalanx quickly. 

This pandemic is like a once-in-a-lifetime supercharging event for companies like Clear, giving them new leads. Clear, along with other similar firms like Swiftlane and Envoy, are saying this technology is deployable everywhere. Airports are just the beginning, the tech is being integrated into office buildings as well. 

Technically speaking, this kind of technology has limitless possibilities and can promote touchless gestures anywhere where people gather in a bulk.


Saurav Bajaj, the CEO of Swiftlane said, “It’s a one-time shift in technology. After this, it’s going to stay like this forever”. He says that coronavirus has enabled us to leap forward in the technology of touchless elevators, doors, and even trash cans. He added that the barriers are gone, for the most part, we just have to move on into the new world. 


Automobile companies, like Tesla, were already on the run to build driverless vehicles — that’s even before coronavirus was a thing. But now, as the world proceeds towards a more touchless future, many predict that driverless automobiles are more likely to be a viable thing now. 


That being said, the pandemic has indeed enabled our technological advancements to leap forward and achieve something that wouldn’t have been possible without it.