The Complete Guide to Job Searching During the Coronavirus Outbreak

As you’re most likely aware, coronavirus has affected the lives of millions around the globe. In the US alone, there are more than 800,000 people directly affected by this crisis. Alongside affecting the people with its fatality, it has also indirectly affected the lives of millions by locking them down in their homes. 


In a number of countries around the globe, the majority of businesses have been paused by the government to prevent the spread of coronavirus. As these businesses aren’t functional anymore, their employees are also not able to work. 


Unemployment is a disease on its own. It slowly consumes up your resources, and in the end, you have nothing left to make both ends meet. Jobs like tennis coaching, public speaking, and crowd management, which require you to be in a large number of people, are no longer viable — and we don’t know when would they be viable again even after the coronavirus pandemic is gone. To fight with this circumstance, a number of people have abandoned their careers altogether and turned to something new instead.


As you’d be going after a career that’s completely new for you, you’ll probably get the same feeling as you did when you first searched for a job. There are a number of job search sites out there that can help you in these hard times. And then, there’s Turn-To which plans to take your work from home experience to the next level.


Don’t worry if you’re not able to get the hang of work from home jobs in the first go, it’s completely normal. However, you don’t want to be doing it wrong. Here are a few handy tips for you that’d help you in your quest of searching for work during the coronavirus pandemic.


Get ready:

The first thing you want to do is to prepare yourself for digital workflow. Get yourself familiar with online teaming tools like Slack and Zoom. Overhaul your CV or rewrite it completely to make it more focused on digital skillsets. 

Get your profiles ready on popular work from home sites and on Turn-To as well. Choose the kind of work you’re comfortable with, and then keep an eagle’s on the companies which are providing remote work opportunities in the respective work type. 

Keep an eye on the companies which would be looking for remotely working employees in the near future — and apply for their job posting as soon it goes live. Even if you get the desired remote work job, getting your feet wet into the pool of freelancing isn’t a bad idea. Prepare your profiles on freelance platforms, so you’re always ready for everything.


Focus on digitalization:

Coronavirus outbreak is far from being over. That being said, no one knows when will the workforce get restored to its original form — or will it ever be restored? That’s a mystery, for now. But as long as statistics and predictions go, the world has learned the lesson to not neglect the importance of digital workforce and services. 

It’s obvious that companies are looking for employees who have what it takes to work from home, efficiently, and seamlessly. Moreover, even after the coronavirus pandemic leaves our nest, companies will be more comfortable in hiring employees who’re comfortable with providing their services remotely. Companies will be looking for people who’re ready for anything that could be planning to take the world by storm. That being said, it’s the right time to learn some digital skills — or adapt your existing skills to be digital. 

It’s also a great idea to refer to some short online courses that could teach you the required skills needed to make a living. 


Be specific and clear in communication:

In these hard times, employers and their respective companies would be looking for people who’re well aware of their words and doings. Businesses are already facing tremendous amounts of loss, and they’re going to avoid any candidate whose communication isn’t on par with the digital requirements. Be specific about your offline working experience, as well as your experience in the online side of the things. 


Don’t hesitate to consider a new career path:

Hear us out, the coronavirus pandemic is going to change the workforce, once and for all. Both, the employers and the work candidates, have learned many new facts about remote work jobs. After we’re done dealing with the pandemic and are good to go with our normal workforce once again — “normal” isn’t going to have the same meaning as it did before. 

Employers have gotten a taste of the efficiency of remote workers. There are statistical researches proving the fact that remote workers are more efficient than in-office workers. As employers are now aware of this fact, the workforce is expected to shift towards a more dynamic and diversified approach. 

There’s no better time to consider a new career for your long-term future. Be critical about it, and think it over. Consider a career that’s digitalized and would be useful for you during the pandemic, after the pandemic, and in case of any other global calamities that could hit the employment sector in the future.