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Employer Help Center — Job Packages

Employers on Turn-To use job packages to post their job listings. Here are the answers to all the frequently asked questions about packages.

What is a Job Package?

Instead of charging employers for a subscription on monthly basis, we let them purchase a job package and use it to post their listings whenever they want. There are 3 job packages for you to choose from.


Suited for comparatively smaller firms who don’t need to hire so frequently. It lets you post 5 jobs, each one having a life of 30 days. You can choose from a wide variety of work types for your listing, i.e., full-time and part-time, freelancing, internships, and remote.


Best suited for employers who need to hire frequently. This package lets you post 10 jobs on Turn-To — each one of them would go live for 30 days. You can select from all the same work types as in the Starter package.


Ideal for employers who hire very, very frequently. It lets you post as many as 20 jobs on Turn-To, each with a maximum lifespan of 30 days. All the work types are also included in the package.

What are Featured Jobs?

Featured jobs provide you with boosted visibility, plus a fast and high success rate for your hires. Unlike non-featured jobs, they stay at the top of the search results forever. They capture as much as 3 times more attention than non-featured jobs and also better attract top-level candidates. To make your jobs featured, you must purchase an additional add-on while choosing your preferred package.

Which payment methods are accepted on Turn-To?

We accept payments from all major credit cards, as well as PayPal accounts.