How is a job board useful? And what makes Turn-To different?

Not having a job or any other source of income is as bad as feeling hungry and not having anything to eat. As no matter how much food you have stocked up, you’re going to run out of it one day and you’ll have to get more. Being unemployed is one of the major reasons for being homeless around the globe. There are tons of people out there having great working skills but are still unemployed due to an extreme level of competition between the candidates. Due to this insane level of competition, many of the skillful individuals are neglected because there’s no way an employer can have a deep look at all the candidates without having to spend insane amounts of time and other resources. And of course, employers don’t have that insane amount of time.

What’s the solution then? How can we make sure that your skills aren’t ignored? How can you get your preferred type of work and start making a living right away? A well-developed, user-friendly, and modern job board platform could be the solution. 

In the next several minutes of reading this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about job boards. Alongside that, we’ll be informing you about the Turn-to job boarding platform and how it’s different than the other job board websites out there. Plus, we’ll be comparing job boards with social media job advertising to eliminate a common myth. So, stay with us and read on. 

What’s a job board?

A job board is a job searching platform that’s used by work candidates to look for their desired jobs, and by employers to look for new employees for their businesses. Organizations and recruiters use these employment websites to look for candidates who can help their businesses rise and shine. While, on the other hand, candidates use them to look for work that suits their desires. 

Employers can post their required positions into the job board website and then, the candidates apply for these positions. Employers can select any of the candidates who could be suitable for their needs. 

With you, now being familiar with the basics of job boarding platforms, it’s time to see what is Turn-To and how it can revolutionize the way you see a job board platform.

What is Turn-To?

Turn-To is a modern job board platform that is aimed to break the boundaries of what people can achieve. Unlike the majority of other job board websites, Turn-To enables you to choose the type of work you prefer and love to do. It doesn’t limit you to one single type of work and enables you to start making a living through a wide selection of work types, like freelancing, remote work, full-time work, half-time work, and internships. Turn-To lets the candidates search for the work that’d be ideal for them. 

A job that doesn’t feel like a stressful duty imposed upon your shoulders is the one that you want to look for. As other job board platforms limit you to a single type of work, Turn-To doesn’t. Turn-To job boarding platform makes sure that you’re able to select a job that’d be ideal for you, so you’d never have to worry about that unnecessary stress.

How is Turn-To different from other job board platforms?

There are a number of job board websites available on the internet. But of course, you want the best job board and you don’t have time to go through all of them and look for the best one yourself. Turn-To is one of the most modernized job boards out there and it might just be the best one that you’re looking for. 

Wondering why are we so confident about Turn-To being the best job board for you? That’s what you’re going to find out next. Here are the reasons how Turn-To is different and better than the other job boards available on the internet.


  • Search for any type of employment, right from a single platform:

Employment preferences vary from person to person. You might be comfortable with a regular full-time job, you might prefer a part-time alongside your personal small business, you might prefer to make your living through freelancing, you might prefer remote work, or you might be looking for some internship work.

Where other platforms make you dependent on a single type of work, Turn-To provides you with the opportunity to search for any of the above-mentioned types of work and start making a living out of it. 

In the end, Turn-To makes sure that the work you do is the work you want to do. Work doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy doing it, that’s why Turn-To believes in finding you the perfect job for yourself that you’d love doing.


  • A unique review system:

Looking at ratings and reviews is one of the most popular ways to distinguish between bad, average, and great skills. Review systems are integrated into the majority of online stores. People provide their feedback on different products so others can know how good a product is. Rating and review systems are also integrated into different service provider websites like freelancing platforms. These are especially useful to distinguish between average and skilled freelancers so you can hire the perfect one for yourself. 

Review and rating systems are another thing where the majority of job board websites are lacking. There’s no proper way in which employers and recruiters could provide their valuable feedback on candidates. But, with the arrival of Turn-To, that’s going to change. 

Turn-To job boarding platform provides a unique and to-the-point rating and review system that lets employers provide their feedback on the user. Future hirers for that specific candidate can have a quick look at these reviews and ratings and develop a clear understanding of the candidate’s abilities and skills. That makes Turn-To the best website for jobs when it comes to user experience for both, candidates and employers.


  • An unrestricted, flexible pool of candidates:

Where the majority of other job board platforms restrict the employers to their specific geographical location, Turn-To enables them to be flexible. If you’re an employer or recruiter, you might be aware of the fact that the geography of your remote workers doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting the desired output from them. That’s why Turn-To doesn’t restrict you and provides you with the ability to connect with a much larger and flexible pool of candidates. Combined with the unique rating and review system, Turn-To enables you to connect with and hire the perfect worker for your business.


  • All the features packed in a single package:

It’d be an overstatement to say that no other job board website has any of the above-mentioned features. But, it’s safe to say that none of them have all these features packed in a single, user-friendly platform. We have learned about the best features of all the job board platforms and combined them all into a single entity. What’s the result? The best job board platform that’s just right for you!


  • Eliminating the need to search for candidates on different platforms:

Alongside helping the work candidates look for the ideal job for themselves, the all-in-one approach of Turn-To eliminates the need for employers to look for candidates on different types of platforms. For example, you might post the same job offer on many different platforms like Linkedln, Fiverr, and Indeed, to make it accessible to different types of candidates like full-time workers and freelancers. But with the debut of Turn-To, with a single job posting, you’re making sure that your post reaches every type of candidate out there! This essentially streamlines the process of finding and hiring the ideal worker for your business.


  • Providing helpful resources through articles, blogs, and videos:

We, here at Turn-To, believe that you could use the time waiting for a response from your employers, in doing something creative. You could this time to learn new skills and improve the existing one. Turn-To will provide helpful blogs, articles, and videos for candidates and employers to learn and grow. 


As now you have a clearer understanding of how the Turn-To job boarding platform is different from the other job board platforms out there, it’s time to eliminate a common myth. With the rising number of social media users and the popularity of social media job advertisements, it’s considered that job board websites are not relevant anymore. But indeed, that’s not right and we’re going to tell you all about it. 

Let’s find out how job board platforms, Turn-To to be specific, is better than social media job advertisements.


  • A higher number of relevant candidates:

What’s the most common practice of advertising jobs on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter? It’s the job advertisement on business pages and communities. Although there’s a very high number of social media users on the planet, there’s a high possibility that the ideal candidate you have been looking for, isn’t following your business’ Facebook page or isn’t a member of your business group or community. Even after you boost your job advertisement, there’s a high chance that your ideal candidate would not be able to see it. That could be due to several reasons, for example, his activity status, or his irrelevant (according to the platform’s algorithms) geography. Turn-To believes that the ideal candidate for your job listing could be located anywhere and could have an unexpected age group. Moreover, when a candidate takes his time to sign-up on a job board website, it’s clear that he’s determined and passionate about his work. These factors make employment websites like Turn-To, a much more to-the-point and reliable option for you. 


  • A simplified and reliable recruitment process:

Due to the insane number of social media users, there’s a huge possibility for you to encounter tons of under-qualified and unsuited candidates who applied for your job listing, just to try their luck. Dealing with these redundant and useful applications is a tough and tiring job and doesn’t help when it comes to finding the perfect candidate. It’s a time-consuming process to scan through CVs and profiles. When there are lesser but higher-quality CVs on your desk, it’s easier to deal with them and find the ideal one out of them. 

A dedicated job board website, like Turn-To, fixes that problem and grants you an optimized and well-trimmed list of available candidates, thus, eliminating the need to scan through tons of irrelevant applications.


  • Cheaper in the long run:

Many would think that posting job positions on job board websites is a comparatively more expensive option when compared to social media job advertising. But, in the long run, it’s actually cheaper. Due to the high number of useless applications that you have to deal with when you post your job listing on a social media platform, you have to pay more money to your recruiter. Even if you’re running through these applications yourself, you have to spend more time yourself. And as everybody knows, time is equally as important as money itself.

When you’re placing your job listing on an employment website, preferably Turn-To, you’re essentially cutting the extra time you’d have to spend on trimming down the list of total applications and eliminating the useless ones.


  • You can combine them both:

As Turn-To job boarding platform, along with other job board websites, provide you with a fewer but better list of candidates, social media, on the other hand, provides you with the ability to discover new talent. This new talent could be useful for you if your business hasn’t reached the ideal level of success to hire professionals, or you’re just starting out and have a limited budget. 

Needless to say, there’s no harm in combining both of them to get the best results you possibly could. To break it down into simpler words; social media job advertising isn’t enough, but when combined with a modern job board platform like Turn-To, it can produce greater results.



The job boards market lacked a platform that takes all the useful features from all the popular job board platforms out there and combines them into a unique and modern package. Well, that changed with the debut of Turn-To. Turn-To revolutionizes how you see and work with a job board platform. Providing you with the ability to search for any type of work in a single platform, Turn-To is aimed to break the boundaries of what people can achieve through a job board website. 

It’s time you sign-up for an account on Turn-To right now and start using it to find the perfect job for you, or to hire the perfect worker for your business.