How Does Turn-To Benefit Employers Around The World?

There are a number of job board websites available on the internet which claim to provide the best of the best experience for all employers out there. But still, the job board industry doesn’t see massive growth as it should. That’s because there are certain limitations in the features available for employers in these job board websites. Moving forward, we are aiming to revolutionize the way job boards work for employers by introducing Turn-To. Job postings posted by employers on Turn-To are destined to reach a much larger pool of candidates — and it’s going to be easier for employers to filter out unwanted applications and derive the perfect candidate from the pack. 

In this quick read, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about job postings, the problems associated with job boards for employers, and how Turn-To aims to fix these problems. 

To get you started, let’s have a look at what exactly is a job posting.


What is a job posting?

A job posting is an official advertisement released by a company’s employers, human resources department, or recruiters to fill out employer vacancies. This posting is then posted on various websites called job boards or job posting sites, and/or on social media platforms. As employees get to see these job postings, they apply for the job. Then, the employers of the company go through all the applicants and choose the candidate that they think would be the best option for their interests. 


What are the problems associated with the existing job boards for employers?

Before we take a deep dive into the factors that set Turn-To apart from the competition, it’d be a great idea to recognize the problems first. You know, it’s not possible to get the cure if you don’t diagnose the disease in the first place. Here are some of the problems that result in a lower-quality overall experience for employers when they’re on a job board.


A geographically-limited pool of candidates:

One of the common limitations that are housing the nest of many job board platforms out there — is a geographically-limited pool of candidates. Most of the job boards out there limit the availability of candidates in such a way that only the candidates from a similar geographical zone are able to see and apply for the job posting. 

Talented workers are scattered throughout the globe and you never know where your ideal job candidate resides — so, this limitation probably means you’ll never be able to get in touch with him. You have to go with whatever’s available to you, and in most cases, that would mean a non-ideal worker for your company.


Having to put your job posting on multiple websites:

As an employer for your company, you’d always be looking for the best of the best talent. In many cases, you’d be looking for someone who just gets the job done in the best possible — it doesn’t matter if they’re your freelancer or working as a full-time employee for you. Consider the situation where you’d need a content writer for your business’ blogs. You’d be looking for the best-quality content, it doesn’t matter if it’s provided by a freelancer or a full-time employee. To get in touch with someone that provides that “best-quality” content, and as there is no job board (before Turn-To steps in) that puts every type of work at your disposal, you’d probably refer to multiple websites, each pointing towards a different work type. 

The hassle of putting your job posting on multiple websites is a deal-breaker for a number of employers. Most employers will probably go on to skip the idea of online job boards altogether and will go with on-the-table hirings. 


Not being able to observe the candidate’s personality:

As the majority of experienced employers and recruiters would already be familiar; the social personality and behavior of a candidate is a very important factor in the final decision of hiring them. The quality of work that your employee will be giving as a result of working in collaboration with you — highly depends on the quality of communication that you’d have with them. Communication is the key to delivering the requirements in an accurate manner and getting the work done in the correct way. Employees with not-so-socialized personality and low communication skills are not the ones you’d be willing to choose. 

The majority of job posting sites out there don’t put an emphasis on the character and personality of a candidate. The skills and experience of a candidate are the only things considered to be important for a successful hire. But as you hire them and start working alongside them, communication gaps could create problems in the workflow. 

A well-structured job board platform should put some light on candidates at a personal level as well — and that’s exactly what Turn-To does through its referrals and endorsements —  more on that, later in the article.


How does Turn-To fix these problems and benefit the employers?

As now we’re done with the problems associated with job posting websites for employers, it’s time to see how Turn-To is able to fix these problems and ultimately push the job board industry forward.


A wider, richer in variety, and a geographically-unrestricted pool of candidates: 

As discussed earlier, the ideal talent you had been looking for, could be located anywhere in the world. As the world leans towards a remote working environment due to the recent coronavirus outbreak and understands it in a better way, it’s important to remove the geographical barriers placed by outdated job boards — and that’s what Turn-To does. At Turn-To, you can expose your job posting to a much wider and richer-in-variety pool of candidates. You might have to deal with some extra unnecessary applications, but when managed properly, you can finally find the ideal employee for you who could benefit your company in the best possible way. When it comes to exposing your job posting to a wider pool of candidates, Turn-To is easily the best job board platform for you.


No need to place your job posting on multiple websites:

To eliminate the need for you to post your job posting on multiple websites and manage these postings separately, Turn-To lets you globalize your job posting for every type of work candidate out there! As Turn-To lets people work full-time, part-time, in remote, and in freelance, all from a single platform — you’re most likely to find the candidate who can provide the highest-quality work that your company could feast on. When you finally find someone who could provide the desired level of work quality, your company is then destined to succeed and achieve the desired levels of success. 

Turn-To is the best job board for employers when we take the ease of managing your job postings into account. 


Referrals and endorsements to put an emphasis on candidates at a personal level:

As you’re familiar by now, having a look at your work candidate’s personality is very important. Turn-To enables you to do exactly that by adding referrals and endorsements to the profile of each work candidate. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the skills and experience of the candidates. You get a detailed overview of a candidate’s experience and his work profile throughout the years, combined with the referrals and endorsements, so you know exactly who you’re hiring for your vacancy. 

The icing on the cake is the unique review and rating system of Turn-To. Previous hirers of work candidates are able to provide a rating and detailed review on their profiles.

All these features combined, allow you, the employers, to scan the overall performance of the candidate, as a worker and as a person as well, in a quick glance at their profiles. Ultimately, Turn-To helps you make well-informed decisions about the person you’re hiring, so you’re less likely to start facing any potential problems later on when you start working with them.  


Remote work capabilities during global crisis events:

As the current coronavirus outbreak has taught us, nature is inevitable and often unexpected. Due to the lockdowns caused by the outbreak in several countries around the globe, many firms are heading towards job board platforms to look for remote workers who could help them keep their business up and running. Turn-To is the best job board platform in terms of providing remote work and freelance capabilities at a single place. Turn-To lets your firm hire the right remote worker or freelancer to make sure your business doesn’t halt and keeps its pace in growing. 



Job boards for employers have certain limitations that slow down the progression of the job board industry as a whole. As Turn-To steps in and removes these limitations and makes the process of hiring talented workers, easier and streamlined, employers are more likely to head towards the internet for their next hire. 


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