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Employer Help Center — Featured Jobs

Featured jobs represent the top-of-the-line jobs on Turn-To. They benefit you by providing boosted visibility and bringing the highest-quality candidates to you. Here’s everything you need about Featured jobs.

How do I make a job featured?

While purchasing a job package, you get the option to buy an additional add-on for featured postings. When you purchase it, all the jobs you post on Turn-To using that package fall under the Featured category.

What are the benefits of a featured job?

The primary benefit of a featured job is boosted visibility. Non-featured jobs tend to fall down in the search results after a while when new similar listings are posted. Featured jobs, on the other hand, are designed so they always stay on the top spot of the results.

What should I expect from a featured job?

Due to not falling down in the search results, a featured posting is destined to receive as much as 3 times more engagements than non-featured jobs. Hence, a featured posting will attract a lot more candidates and will bring in 3 times more job applications. Moreover, featured jobs are more likely to catch the eyes of top-talented candidates.

When should I make a job featured?

If you’re having difficulty deciding if you should feature your jobs or not, let us break it down for you. If you need candidates immediately in case of an urgent hire, featuring the job posting could make your day. Moreover, if you’ve been searching for an ideal candidate for a long time and haven’t been successful, or you’re searching for top-talent, featured jobs are the way to go.