Coronavirus And The Revolutionized Future of Employment With Turn-To

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 in technical terms, is affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. It has also caused thousands of deaths worldwide. 


This tiny creature isn’t visible to the naked eye — but still spreads among the human population as wildfire spreads in a thick forest. Coronavirus doesn’t have a very high fatality rate, but it’s dangerous due to its spreading capabilities. Needless to say, it’s continuously taking more and more people under its influence — and it doesn’t plan to stop doing that anytime soon. 


Alongside the massive wave of human health concerns, coronavirus also brings many other concerning waves following just behind. One of them is the massively-huge negative impact on businesses and the economy. As businesses are being paused, many employees are losing their jobs — hence, losing their ways of making a living.


In the next few minutes, you’re going to learn everything you’d need to know about the effect of coronavirus on businesses and employment, how Turn-To can help you make a living while you’re in quarantine, what’s the future of employment going forward, and how Turn-To is going to shape that future. So, sit tight and read on.


How does coronavirus affect businesses and employment?

Almost every type of business where people gather around and work in collaboration with each other, is closed.  These include restaurants, theatres, airports, tourist spots, and many more. The closure of these businesses mean they’re not profitable at all.

Due to these businesses being closed and not being profitable, employees are losing their jobs and their ways of making a living are being shut down. This causes severe concerns for them as they won’t be able to earn enough resources to keep feeding their families. 


People are hunting for remote work opportunities:

As people aren’t allowed to go out to earn, they’re forced to hunt for some remote work opportunities, so they can work from home and keep some bucks incoming. Provided that you’re looking in the right platform at the right time, remote work jobs could be very beneficial for you — even after the quarantine period ends and you’re allowed to go out (hopefully, soon). Let’s save that talk for another section of the article. 


Before we step into the talk of how Turn-To can help you find the remote work that’s just right for you, let’s first quickly tell you what Turn-To exactly is. 


What is Turn-To and how’s it different from the rest of the job boards?

Turn-To is a new player in the playground of job board websites — but don’t let the term “new” fool you into thinking this player doesn’t know how to play. Turn-To is the player who’s done his research and has practiced for plenty of time to understand how it’s done. 

Combining the best bits from all the job boards out there, and then putting some extra user-facing features on the top, Turn-To is the all-in-one platform that’s useful for everyone that’s looking for a way to make money for a living. Providing every type of work opportunities, including full-time jobs, half-time jobs, remote work, freelancing work, and internships, in a single platform, Turn-To has the potential to change how people search for work. 


How can Turn-To help you find the right work during quarantine?

As you’re familiar, Turn-To puts every type of work at your doorstep — that includes freelancing and remote work as well. As freelancing and remote work are the two most popular ways of making a living while not having to step out from your home, Turn-To is probably the best job board in 2020. But wait, there are other job board websites which let you work remotely from home, and there are freelancing platforms which let you work from home as a freelancer, aren’t there? Indeed there are — but there’s no platform that lets you hunt for remote work and freelancing work at the same time, with a single profile. With the profile you create and the portfolio you build on Turn-To, you can search for remote work and freelancing work at the same time. After the quarantine’s over, you can use the same profile to look for new full-time and half-time jobs as well. Pretty sweet, right?


The future of employment is diversified:

Remote work from home has been a thing for quite some time now, but considering the opportunities and the potential that lies inside it, it never gained the popularity which it should have gained. As workers were so busy and loyal with their 9-to-5 full-time jobs, they never paid proper attention to remote work. Even businesses and their employers never gave the deserved respect to remote work due to some common myths, like “employees are less productive when they work remotely from home”. 

But these myths have to be ruled out, there are several researches supporting the fact that employees are actually more productive, efficient, and happier while working from home. 

As the coronavirus outbreak has forced people to work from home, they have started realizing the potential of remote work jobs. There are a number of people who’re making enough money, from home through remote work, to keep their homes up and running. A lot of people are also remotely working for the same organizations that they used to work for, during their full-time jobs — and are earning the same payouts as their normal full-time jobs. Some people combine their remote work jobs with freelancing and are making even more than they normally would. 

As some businesses are making their employees work from home, they have also realized the potential of remote work. There are certain benefits for organizations that reside in having remote workers work for you from home — for example, you won’t have to provide a workspace to your employees as they won’t come to your place for work. 

As both, workers and organizations, have realized the ever-lasting power of remote work jobs, the world is expected to have a more diversified and dynamic workforce in the future — after the coronavirus is gone and the world restores its normal processes. 


Turn-To has the potential to shape the future of employment:

As the world realizes that having a full-time job isn’t the only reliable source of making money, a platform that provides every type of work opportunity at a single place could easily be labeled as the best job board for 2020 and beyond. 

As Turn-To lets you hunt for any type of work, be it full-time, half-time, freelancing, remote work, or internships, it’s aimed to make it insanely easy for people to search for any type of work with a single profile and portfolio. 

With organizations and employers now being familiar with the power of remote workers, a platform that lets them look for any type of worker that fits their needs could be a dream that came true. 

Combine the all-in-one approach of Turn-To with its other shiny features, like ease-of-use, a unique review and rating system, and referrals and endorsements on candidates’ profiles — you get the perfect job board that fits the needs of every worker and every organization.