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Turn-To Support — Apply for a Job

We wanted to make the process of job-hunting incredibly easy and fast. Turn-To is built on that idea and makes it easier than ever to start communicating with your potential employer after you’ve searched for a job using our tools.

Create resumes

Turn-To lets you create multiple online resumes and use them to apply for different jobs. Be sure to create unique resumes for each industry separately, so you can quickly apply for a perfect job whenever you see it.

Navigate to the job of your liking

Open up the posting of your preferred job by selecting it from a list, from search results, or on the map.

Fill in the application

Filling in a job application at Turn-To is as easy as writing your name, email, selecting a resume, and sending it over.

Upload a resume, or select an online one

You can either upload your offline resume or use one of your online resumes created at Turn-To to apply for the job.

Get real-time updates

Whenever your employer takes an action on your job application, you’ll be instantly notified about it through email.